The desktop solution

Datix Suite is a cost-effective software solution ideal for managing guarding services and monitoring personnel attendance. Ideal for single-seat installations, Datix Suite allows the creation of the entries of the database, the local configuration of all Datix devices, the downloading of the data collected by Datix units and the production of timely and valuable reports which generate effective information to better run your operation.

Suite WEB

The web base solution

Datix Suite WEB is a full web base solution for the management of guarding services and personnel attendance. Ideal for big multi-seat organizations looking for centralized data management, Datix Suite WEB allows remote users to access the software from any location provided with internet connection including tablets and mobile PCs. 


The unified platform for the management of Datix peripherals

Datix RTS is the core of the interaction between the data center and remote Datix peripherals. The platform includes many interacting software tools able to supervise the communication with remote equipments and useful to forward and manage the received data.

Datix Atex

1912 times

Datix® Magnet is a strong and reliable guard tour system available with explosion proof certification according to ATEX rules (II 2G – EExib IIB T4, Ta=55°C). Datix Magnet can be used in potentially explosive areas such as oil refineries, chemical factories, warehouses containing inflammable products.


  • Magnetic checkpoints reading
  • Off-line data download
  • IP67
  • ATEX explosion proof certification

Datix Proxim

2240 times

DatixProxim is a RFID portable reader developed for the electronic certification of guard tours. Data downloading is achieved by a central unit (cradle) connected to the PC. The central unit works also as recharger for the batteries of the reader. Extremely strong and reliable, DatixProxim guarantees high security standard either during data acquisition (unique and unfalsifiable RFID codes) or memorization (non volatile EEPROM memory)


  • 125 KHZ RFID tag reading
  • Reading distance: 1÷5 cm.
  • Memory type: EEPROM
  • Memory size: max 7500 readings
  • Visual and acoustic alerts
  • IP 67 and fire-proof V0
  • Power: Ni-Mhrech.battery
  • Autonomy: ~ 2 months
  • Weight: ~ 230 gr.
  • Dim.: 140 x 58 x 43 mm.

Datix Wi-trak

2117 times

For more than 20 years, almost all guard tour handhelds had to be sent back to the main office for downloading data. This is a trouble for both the company and the customers. Nowadays, many customers ask for real time data monitoring which means they can enjoy a higher attention level and it also represents further significant value that often proves to be essential. Through the GPRS network guard companies can transmit the collected data, both from industries and civilian, to supervise a city or province control room. Thus, thanks to GPRS network simplicity and efficiency, Service Companies can realize supervisory control and collected data concentration.

Datix Wi-Trak is a real time guard tour system that allows to monitor in real time, via a GPRS based data transmission, the activities carried out by remote operators. But Datix Wi-Trak is not just a patrol control system. Indeed, the handheld may come with GPS receiver, lone worker alert system and two way voice communication to ensure the safety of your employees. Based on the GPRS public wireless network platform, the only thing a company needs to do is installing the SIM Card into the handheld. So, this system features as fast cost-recovering and low cost maintenance.


  • 32 bit microcontrollor
  • EEPROM memory
  • USB communication
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • backup battery for RTC
  • Motion sensor
  • VDS Vandal Detection System
  • 125 KHz RFID tag reading
  • Compatible with R/O and R/W tags
  • Quad-Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900)
  • GPRS class 10
  • Audio and Voice
  • Emergency calls
  • Panic alert
  • Man down alert
  • GPS receiver – 20 channels
  • GPS Active antenna
  • Keyboard
  • Display
  • Power saving
  • Enclosure: Bayer Bayblend
  • Weight: 235 gr.
  • Dim.: 150x64x42 mm
  • Certification: CE