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Network Client Remote Management Software
Intellex is the only digital video management system on the market with a single remote management software program that works with every Intellex platform. Install Network Client on any PC with a network connection and you'll have control of every Intellex on your system, no matter how decentralized the operation. Simply log in and access a menu just as if you were sitting in front of an Intellex. You can view live video from up to 64 cameras simultaneously, send and receive alarm notifications, and much more.

  • Receive alarm notifications from several Intellex units regardless of whether Network Client is active
  • Remotely use video analysis tools for scheduling cameras to record and specifying search criteria based on the size, speed and direction of an object in motion
  • Remotely use the advanced text tool for scheduling cameras to record and specifying search criteria based on the contents and contexts of a text transaction
  • Remotely search for video using standard or Smart Search tools
  • Organize camera icons on your computer screen as easily as you would arrange files and folders on a PC 
  • Create video incident storyboards with the incident clip builder feature for video evidence or auditing

Nos logiciel client CCTV sint compatible avec/

  • -Symbian
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Iphone
  • Windows Mobile 


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The video surveillance management software is used for achieving centralized monitoring, storage, management and control of all the front-end network video surveillance equipment (including network video server, network camera, and video decoder) and network video recorder (DVR). This management software can simultaneously display 36 audio and video screens, able to set up, control, and remote upgrade either device;

Support the functions of 1/4/9/16/20/36 screen switching, two-way voice intercom, electronic maps, log retrieval, alarm control, remote retrieval playback and others. It is functionally powerful, user-friendly and easy to operate, especially convenient for the users to realize networking applications of small and medium-sized remote network monitoring systems.

1.2 Main functions of the software

The main functions of the video surveillance management software include:

  • Maximum support 36-way audio and video channels at the same time
  • Able to achieve centralized monitoring, storage, data forwarding, management and control for all the front-end network video surveillance equipment (including network video servers, network cameras and network DVR)
  • Electronic map display
  • Real-time video surveillance preview
  • Two-way voice intercom, voice broadcast
  • Video recording (pre-recording, manual recording, alarm linkage recording, timer recording)
  • Provide channel, date video search playback
  • Provide time search playback, accurate to the second
  • PTZ control; preset, call, PTZ cruise
  • Support the function of packet switching display, automatic reincarnation display
  • Support the alarm function for video loss, video mobile, network abort and front-end sensor trigger
  • Log management
  • Front-end capture, and back-end capture
  • DDNS (Dynamic domain analysis)
  • Support P2P network
  • Support transparent data transmission


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 Items Specification
 Model Name  ST-MIDVR2004
 Compression Standard  H.264
 Resolution  Preview resolution704 x576 (PAL) 720 x 480 (NTSC) Playback resolution:4ch D1 Frames,1F/S ~ 30F/S 
Hard Disk  1 SATA Hard Disk interface  (Support Capacity from 40G to 4T in Total )
Video Signal  PAL(625Line,50f/s), NTSC(525Line,60f/s)
Video Input  4 channel, BNC , 1.0V p-p/75Ω
 Composite Video Output  1 channel, BNC, 1.0V p-p/75Ω
 Monitor Video Output  1 channel, BNC, 1.0V p-p/75Ω 
 VGA Interface  1 VGA,  Resolution: 800x600/60HZ, 1024x768/60HZ
 Audio Input  1CH 
 Audio Output  1CH 
 Alarm Input  no alarm
 Alarm Output  no alarm
 Alarm Mode  Sensor Input, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Full Disk Space.
Network  Ethernet (10/100M ),LAN,WAN and ADSL 
Control Way  USB2.0 Mouse, Remote Control, PTZ, Camera, RS485 x 1 
Backup   USB2.0, CDRW, DVDRW and Network 
Bit Rate  5 Levels:120MB/H,150MB/H,250MB/H,300MB/H,500MB/H,1~1000MB/H Self-defined
Password  Encrypted by 128-bit Numerical Digits with 2-Level Password Protection
Power Supply  DC12V  3.0A
 Consumption  10W(Without HDD) 
 Working Environment  Temperature: +5°C~+50°C; Humid:< 90% 
 Device Dimension  259(W)*44(H)*221(D)
 Weight  1.5KG