Ultra Tag AT

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The Ultra•Tag® AT is a lightweight apparel tag designed to meet the needs of retailers for ease of use, high security, and minimal impact on the merchandise presentation.
The highly aesthetic design minimizes the impact to merchandise on display. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for protecting everything from heavy denims to the lightest intimate apparel.
The Ultra•Tag® AT provides the ultimate in security, ease of use and techology to provide a superior product for protecting apparel of all types.


(LxWxH) 60.8mm (2.4in) X 21.47mm (.85in) X 18.0mm (.71in) Deep


  •  This is the lightest EAS tag available, will not affect even the most delicate apparel when hanging.
  • Sleek aesthetic design. The small size provides just the right visual deterrent without detracting from the merchandise presentation.
  • Ease of application and removal. Ease of application and speed of removal improves front-end checkout efficiencies and customer satisfaction.
  • Defeat resistant design. The new sleek shape minimizes the abiltiy to attack by hand or with tools.
  • Small profile decoupler. Allows retailers to maximize counter space at the POS. Features include a security lock to prevent unauthorized use.

SuperTag III

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SuperTag® III is the ultimate choice for retailers looking to protect high-risk, high-value items.The preeminent solution in fulfilling the demand for a small, lightweight reusable hard tag, SuperTag® III is the ideal solution for protecting everything from heavy durable outerwear to delicate intimate garments. The sleek shape complements high-end merchandise, providing a strong visual deterrent while preserving product presentation and merchandising.


  • Small sleek design. The small size provides just the right visual deterrent without detracting from the merchandise presentation.
  • Lightweight construction. SuperTag® III can be applied to a wide variety of apparel, minimizing the affect on even the most delicate garments.
  • Defeat resistant design. A rigid ABS plastic housing combined with the Sensormatic® patented rotary clamp and spring gate mechansim provide retailers with a formidable security device to protect merchandise.
  • High perfor

SuperTag® III Lanyard is an innovative approach for tagging retailer’s highest-risk items. Comprised of a 4in (10cm) multi-strand steel cable mated to a stainless steel pin SuperTag® III Lanyard condenses a three piece tagging solution into a lighter, easier to use one piece option, with the flexibility to attach to a variety of products. The high strength ABS plastic housing combined with the Sensormatic patented spring gate and rotary clamp offer superior defeat resistance. The updated, sleek shape of the SuperTag® III complements high-end merchandise perfectly.


  • High performance. SuperTag® III Lanyard utilizes bias/resonator technology, providing consistent detection in all Ultra•Max®
  • Compatible with all SuperTag® Customers can strengthen their existing SuperTag® security platform without incurring additional costs.
  • Improved aesthetics. SuperTag® III Lanyard provides retailers with a new fresh look while maintaining all the features and benefits customers have come to expect from the SuperTag® product family.
  • Improved merchandise display. Lightweight and small size do no detract from merchandise on display.

Ultra Lock

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Ultra•Lock is a reusable EAS tag designed to protect eyewear and jewelry from theft without interfering with try-ons. It contains non-deactivatable 58 kHz Ultra•Max label material inside a protective cavity and attaches to merchandise via a clamp lock mechanism available in four different sizes.


Housing (LxWxH): 50 x 24 x 12 mm (1.97 x .95 x .47 in.)
Weight: 7.4 g (0.26 oz.)
Clamp A = 15 mm (.59 in.); Clamp B = 16 mm (.64 in.);
Clamp C = 17 mm (.68 in); Clamp D = 18 mm (.72 in.)