Ultra Exit 2M

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The Sensormatic Ultra•Exit 2M provides retailers with an aesthetic, high performance Ultra•Max EAS protection over wide exits.
Available in three design options including rugged ABS, composite clear panel and high quality acrylic.
High quality construction and straight edge form ensures the antenna blends into store openings while still providing a visual deterrent.
Accurate and consistent performance is provided by the Ultra•Max 9050 Controller. This detection platform uses parallel resonance technology, the latest DSP and efficient power management to deliver high level performance and functionality.
SmartEAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.


  • Aesthetic, modern design matches the highest store aesthetic requirements with acrylic and non acrylic options.
  • Up to 8 meter coverage from one controller with 2 meter coverage between pedestals.
  • Ultra•Max 9050 Controller platform provides advanced DSP, connectivity, efficient power management, software controlled system configuration, separate alarm relays and up to four transceivers from one controller.
  • Base Options including high impact ABS and stainless steel for different applications.
  • Audible and visual alarms provide notification of identified events.
  • SmartEAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.
  • Ultra•Max Detection for the rang

Ultra Poste IV

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Ultra•Post® is a cornerstone of the Sensormatic detection portfolio, providing high performance anti-shoplifting protection to retailers worldwide. Affordable, effective and easy to maintain the Ultra•Post® remains a popular choice among leading retailers to help reduce their losses.
With added functionality and improved aesthetics, the Ultra•Post® IV feature-rich design offers retailers the added benefits of SmartEAS® networking connectivity, people counting ready options and synchronization capabilities. With an updated look and color change, Ultra•Post® IV provides an aesthetic solution suitable for any retail environment – from malls to stand alone stores.
Designed to protect a variety of exit openings, this versatile system covers almost any exit width. A single pedestal can protect a 0.9m (3ft), while two pedestals spaced 1.8m (6ft) apart can cover an exit up to 3.6m (12ft).

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Configurations. The Ultra•Post® IV can be tailored for a variety of store exits, offering up to 3.6m (12ft) of detection coverage with a dual system spaced at 1.8m (6ft) between pedestals.
  • High-performance. Leading Ultra Max® technology ensures system reliability, capable of detecting security tags inside foil-lined bags, metal shopping carts or tagged protects containing non-ferrous metal.
  • Low profile attractive design. The narrow architecture and rich color scheme ensure the Ultra•Post® IV will blend into any retail environment.
  • Greater SmartEAS® Capabilities. Ultra•Post® IV can now communicate with Local Device Manager (LDM) and UltraLink® allowing retailers to capture store data through detailed reports that help identify trends, store challenges and potential shrink issues.