Shoe Metal Detector

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  • Easy operate new security solution for airports, railroad station, prisons, stadium and any other hgh security venues such as concert hall, office building and more.
  • ShoeScan fast, automatic and easy to operate.
  • ShoeScan detects theats reliably without the need to remove shoes.
  • Very high throughput rate of 60perso/minute.
  • ShoeScan detects all metals both ferrous and non-ferrous.
  • Any metl amount above threshold values will cause an audio-visual alarm with bright red LEDs on the equipment.
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • ShoeScan is to detect full range of sizes starting with objects such as cardboard knife,guns,guns parts and possible bigger metal threats.
  • Space saving compact design portable detector for standard checkpoint security control procedures.
  • Built-in battery back-up feature against electricity cut off